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FIC: Seeing Snow Through New Eyes

Title: Seeing Snow Through New Eyes
Continuity: The Adventures of Tintin (comic)
Characters/Pairing: Tintin, Captain Haddock-- implied Tintin/Haddock
Summary: Tintin stands on the deck of the Aurora and watches the snow fall-- and makes a small but significant discovery.
Rating: G
Continuity Notes: Takes place on the return voyage after The Shooting Star.

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FIC: Sun Sickness

Title: Sun Sickness
Continuity: The Adventures of Tintin
Characters/Pairing: Tintin/Haddock
Summary: Tintin falls ill from the desert heat and once again finds the one waiting for him at the end of his limits.
Rating: PG
Special Note: From request via Tumblr; "Haddock caring for ill Tintin".

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FIC: Wait for You Always

Title: Wait for You Always
Continuity: The Adventures of Tintin (comic)
Characters/Pairing: Captain Haddock/Tintin
Summary: Captain Haddock would wait for Tintin to wake up, because he knew that the youth would be alright— he had to be.
Rating: PG
Special Notes: Ficlet written for a prompt on Tintin Kink Meme. Lots of fluff.

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FIC: The Dog's Eye View

Title: The Dog's Eye View
Continuity: The Adventures of Tintin (comic)
Characters/Pairing: Snowy, Captain Haddock/Tintin
Summary: Tintin and Snowy had seen many people come and go on their adventures, but this time, things were different. When the adventure was over, the man who smelled of whisky never left. A story from Snowy's perspective.
Rating: PG
Continuity Notes: References events from several of the books, the last being The Calculus Affair. Also uses only the English names.
Warning: Only mild reference of intimacy.

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FIC: A Perfect Flaw

Title: A Perfect Flaw
Continuity: Transformers (G1)
Characters/Pairing: Tracks/Raoul
Summary: Raoul takes care to look good, yet he's sporting a pretty ugly scar. In his eyes, there's a meaning to that, one that has everything to do with both Tracks, and himself.
Rating: PG
Continuity Note: Takes place after "Make Tracks" but before "Auto-Bop"
Special Note: Written for TF Slash Ficathon, prompt: "Tracks/Raoul - mementos". I will probably write a prequel FIC this week, too, because I think the concept deserves fleshing out.

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FIC: Safeword

Continuity: Beast Wars
Characters/Pairing: Dinobot/Rattrap
Summary: Dinobot is confused when Rattrap isn't quite himself during one of his favorite acts of intimacy. But he could never have anticipated what his rat would do next.
Rating: R15
Continuity Notes: Takes place late in the first season; Rattrap's alt mode is still organic.
Warning: Intimacy, and light BDSM.

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FIC: Twofold

Title: Twofold
Continuity: Transformers (G1)
Characters/Pairing: Elita-1/Chromia
Summary: Two million years after the Ark departure, Elita is feeling the strain of leading a rebel force against an unstoppable enemy. Fortunately, she isn't in it alone.
Rating: PG
Continuity Notes: Taking cue from the Marvel comics, there are multiple rebel groups.

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FIC: Alone or Not

Continuity: Transformers G1
Pairing: Mirage/Cliffjumper
Summary: Mirage does a little contemplating before recharge.
Rating: G

Mirage & Cliffjumper - Alone or Not
Mirage released a quiet rush of air from his vents before closing them as he settled into his plain berth. With light, trained fingers, he affectionately stroked the back of his head rested on his shoulder plate.

He had never guessed just how life would change when he entered a relationship with Cliffjumper. Unlike many of his peers, the fiery Minibot understood his independant nature, and in fact, not only accepted it, but in a way, he related to it. They had their own differences with the other Autobots.

Mirage had never really realized how empty his berth had felt before Cliffjumper. Beside him, the handsome little gunner, already in stasis recharging, was busy conforming himself to the right side of the spy's slender body.

The spy had never felt so alone as he did when war finally struck and took away all the friends and luxuries he had had since his creation. After that he'd gotten very aloof. He had been thought uppity, and sometimes even untrustworthy because of it, but until recently he had never really cared. At least that way he could function without attachments.

Mirage turned his head to rest his chin on top of Cliffjumper's head.

He knew that someday they would return to Cybertron. It was a notion that had kept him going since the very first battle hosted on this terribly alien planet. But thanks to Cliffjumper, he was starting to think that he wasn't as alone as he thought, and maybe he didn't need to be alone so much at all. He was starting not to mind the wait so much.

FIC: The Lengths He'll Go To

Title: The Lengths He'll Go To
Continuity: Transformers (G1)
Characters/Pairings: Hot Rod, Kup; Implied Hot Rod/Arcee
Summary: Hot Rod stands to prove his mettle-- and not just to his foe or teacher.
Rating: PG

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